Annual Live Twitter Reenactment

The Milwaukee Public Museum Education Department, supported by community volunteers and local history graduate students, create an annual reenactment on Twitter of an event from Milwaukee history.

students workingAfter a summer intern completes initial research to identify which historical voices or demographics are essential to the story, volunteers (comprised of community members and history graduate students) each select a character and conduct further original research to develop their character and how that individual was a part of the larger event. Their research culminates in a series of first-person tweets chronicling their character's experience. 

The day of the reenactment, all the volunteers meet at MPM and tweet for about four hours, effectively giving the public a first-person look at how different people from different perspectives experienced the same event as it unfolded!

twitter logoMissed our latest reenactment? 

In December 2017, we "tackled"   the Green Bay Packers 1939 championship win over the New York Giants, played at State Fair Park. The characters included lightly fictionalized fans, local workers, press, players, and family members.

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