Planetarium - Constellations!


Constellations are a mirror to the human soul. Their inspiring stories reflect our hopes and dreams—and our sense of adventure!  Constellations! Adventures Connecting Earth & Sky will circle the globe and bring these rich and engaging sky-legends to life. It will explore how constellations helped organize the sky and tell time. Audiences will depart the Earth, witnessing how constellations change when traveling through the galaxy. Visitors will also marvel at how we also create wild pictures from the Moon and distant nebulae. Discover all the inspiring imaginations in the constellations!

Showing March 21 - October 1, 2020


25 minutes
Upcoming Dates
  • Wednesday, May 13th, 10:00AM
  • Wednesday, May 13th, 1:00PM
  • Wednesday, May 13th, 4:00PM
  • Thursday, May 14th, 10:00AM
  • Thursday, May 14th, 1:00PM
  • Thursday, May 14th, 4:00PM
  • Friday, May 15th, 10:00AM
  • Friday, May 15th, 1:00PM
  • Friday, May 15th, 4:00PM
  • Saturday, May 16th, 11:30AM