Planetarium Shorts and Shows

Aliens & UFOs

Explore the far-out possibility of life beyond Earth.

Does Gravity Always Win?

Gravity got you down? Take a minute to discover a force trillions of times stronger than gravity.

Egyptian Astronomy

Travel from Wisconsin to Egypt — and back again — as Bob Bonadurer, Director of the Daniel M. Soref Dome Theater and Planetarium, explores the night sky.


Flat or Round Earth?

Explore evidence for the real shape of our planet!

The Great 2020 Conjunction

Watch the December night sky as Jupiter and Saturn get closer each night.


It's About Time! Cosmic Cycles We All Live By

Time impacts us everyday -- but what is it exactly? Where does time come from? Explore these mysteries and many more in the Planetarium’s newest creation. Join friendly robots Tortoise and Hare in their voyage around the Earth and beyond to discover the wild origins of time!

Solar System Fun: 8 + 1 Go Around the Sun!

Dance to the music as you learn about the planets!

The Solar System Show

Looking to explore way-out worlds? The blistering Sun? Mysterious moons? Crazy comets and amazing asteroids? Then join our gang of smart, wacky reporters and rambunctious planets in the Planetarium Channel’s new extravaganza, The Solar System Show! We promise planet fun for everyone.

The Ultimate Dependent Relationship

Just how reliant is the Earth upon the sun? I don’t think we’re talking about a true partnership here. Explore more lop-sided connections between the Earth and sun!