Planetarium - Cosmic Colors

nebulaTake a wondrous journey through the world of color and beyond!  Discover why the sky is blue, why Mars is red, and more. Explore the invisible universe! Tour within a plant leaf and voyage inside the human eye.  Investigate x-rays at the doctor's office and in a monstrous black hole. You'll even witness the real color of an ancient dinosaur!

Showing March 30 - June 14, 2019



22 minutes
Upcoming Dates
  • Friday, April 19th, 11:00AM
  • Friday, April 19th, 3:00PM
  • Saturday, April 20th, 11:30AM
  • Saturday, April 20th, 2:30PM
  • Sunday, April 21st, 1:30PM
  • Monday, April 22nd, 11:00AM
  • Monday, April 22nd, 3:00PM
  • Tuesday, April 23rd, 10:00AM
  • Tuesday, April 23rd, 4:00PM
  • Wednesday, April 24th, 10:00AM