Planetarium - The Solar System Show

planetsLooking to explore way-out worlds? The blistering Sun? Mysterious moons? Crazy comets and amazing asteroids? Then join our gang of smart, wacky reporters and rambunctious planets in the Planetarium Channel’s new extravaganza, The Solar System Show! We promise planet fun for everyone. Warning: Audience participation may be required. For families of all ages. For school groups K through 4th.

Showing June 16 - October 7, 2018


25 minutes
Upcoming Dates
  • Monday, July 23rd, 11:00AM
  • Monday, July 23rd, 2:00PM
  • Monday, July 23rd, 4:00PM
  • Tuesday, July 24th, 11:00AM
  • Tuesday, July 24th, 2:00PM
  • Tuesday, July 24th, 4:00PM
  • Wednesday, July 25th, 11:00AM
  • Wednesday, July 25th, 2:00PM
  • Wednesday, July 25th, 4:00PM
  • Thursday, July 26th, 11:00AM