Planetarium - Wisconsin Stargazing

Website_poster_graphics_WiStar.jpgTake a live tour of the current Wisconsin night sky in this 22-minute guided Planetarium program. A lively astronomy educator will show you all of the current sights on a clear Dome Theater “sky,” such as planets, constellations, meteors, and other fun celestial phenomena. The program includes a cosmic Q&A session and requests from the audience.

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22 minutes
Upcoming Dates
  • Sunday, August 19th, 12:00PM
  • Sunday, August 19th, 3:00PM
  • Monday, August 20th, 12:30PM
  • Monday, August 20th, 3:30PM
  • Tuesday, August 21st, 12:30PM
  • Wednesday, August 22nd, 12:30PM
  • Wednesday, August 22nd, 3:30PM
  • Thursday, August 23rd, 12:30PM
  • Thursday, August 23rd, 3:30PM
  • Friday, August 24th, 12:30PM