Staff Directory

President's Office

Ellen Censky, Ph.D. Interim President & CEO 414-278-2786
Aimee Burmeister Executive Assistant to the President & CEO 414-278-2748
Kelly Gauthier Director of Strategic Projects 414-278-6130


Business Office

Ryan O'Desky Senior Vice President of Operations & Finance 414-278-6939
Gail Boym Corporate Controller  
Lori Sparks Accounts Payable Coordinator  
Kristine Orozco Cash Manager  
Kathleen Agresti Cash Audit Clerk  
Brian Aspriesnig Mailroom Clerk  


Audience and Community Engagement

OPEN Vice President of Marketing and Audience Development  
Education and Public Programs
Meghan Schopp Senior Director of Education &  Programs  
Richard Hedderman Education Programs Coordinator  
Amanda Stopar Volunteer and Internship Manager  
Cody Adams Educator  
Jennifer Keim Educator  
Jaclyn Kelly Educator  
Maisie Buntin Outreach Program Coordinator  
Dawn Koceja Multi-generational Programs and Accessibility Coordinator  
Erin Goff Public Programs Coordinator  
Alicia Eith STEM & Outreach Educator  
Erica Kelly Educator  
Marketing and Communications
Jennifer Tetzlaff Director of Marketing and Communications 414-278-2784
Stevie Otap Web Content Editor  
Kaylee Bast Marketing Media Coordinator 414-278-6143
Lisa Bliffert Senior Graphic Designer  
Valerie Necci Graphic Designer  
Jonathan Haas Digital Media Producer 414-319-4657
Jill Engl Special Events Director 414-278-6934
Nicole Brushel Events Coordinator
Visitor Services
Tim Malenock Director of Visitor Services 414-278-6174
Deb Heinzmann Assistant Director of Visitor Services 414-278-2751
Catherine Wallberg Director of Retail Operations 414-278-6177
Alec Zapushek  Manager of Retail Operations 414-278-6981
Daniel M. Soref Dome Theater and Planetarium
Bob Bonadurer Director of Theater and Planetarium 414-278-6985


Collections, Research, and Curatorial

Christopher Tyrrell, Ph.D. Research Curator, Botany & Director of Collection Informatics  
Jennifer Zaspel, Ph.D. Research Curator, Zoology & Director of Puelicher Butterfly Wing  
Patricia Coorough-Burke Curator of Geology Collections/Senior Collections Manager  
Al Muchka Curator of History Collections/Senior Collections Manager  
Dawn Scher Thomae Curator of Anthropology Collections/Senior Collections Manager  
Julia Colby Zoology Collection Manager  
Alyssa Caywood  Collections Digitization Manager  
Sara Podejko Registrar  
Exhibits and Design
Emilio Bras Production & Exhibit Artist  
Nancy Kruschke Artist II  


Development and Membership

Julie Quinlan Brame Senior Vice President of Development 414-278-6986
Kaye Leszczynski Senior Director of Development 414-278-2792
Stacey Greenwaldt Director of Membership 414-278-6126
Debbie Prater Mitchelson Director of Stewardship, Event Development, and Major Gifts 414-278-6138
Roselyn Smolej-Hill Director of Planned & Major Gifts 414-278-6129
Suzanne Wilson-Davis, Ph.D. Director of Institutional Giving 414-278-6983
Lisa Pieper Director of Individual Giving 414-278-2739
Diane Hastreiter Major Gifts Coordinator 414-278-6128
Chris Zello Prospect Research and Database Manager  
Natalie Fairbanks Communications Coordinator  
Shareen Little Donor Records Coordinator  
Sarah Manke Development Events Coordinator  



Information and Electronic Systems

Greg Post Director of Information Services and Electronic Systems 414-278-2740
Rick Scholl Electronic Systems Engineer  
Keith Behrendt Systems & Network Analyst  
Matt Riley Systems Administrator & Analyst  
Debra Miller Collections Data Coordinator  


Facility Operations — Maintenance, Security, Safety and Custodial

Michael Dobson Director of Facilities  
Jeremy Moore Director of Public Safety and Security 414-278-6178


Human Resources

Lisa DeMartino Director of Human Resources  
Barbara Lewczyk Payroll and Benefits Coordinator