Ecosystems & Biodiversity: Virtual Programs & Digital Resources

Understanding our natural world is both exciting and essential.

Exploring the rich variety of plants and animals and how they are interconnected opens up opportunities to understand our own role in the natural world. Our virtual education resources are designed to lead teachers and students to a more thorough understanding of the critical role ecosystems and biodiversity in both our backyards and beyond.

Live Programs and Outreach

Book our MPM on the Move live-streamed or remote Get Wild in Wisconsin program for your class!

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Video Resources
Biodiversity Bash

Explore the importance of biodiversity, an ecosystem’s most valuable asset! In this video, we’ll demonstrate just how connected we all are, and learn how biodiversity keeps those connections healthy.

Rainforest Biodiversity Tour

Biodiversity is another name for the variety and variability of life on earth. One aspect of biodiversity is the unique adaptations animals have to help them survive in their environment. In this video, we’re going to encourage you to look closer at some of our favorite rainforest residents and the amazing adaptations they have!


Digital Resources
Fresh Air Bingo

Enjoy the fresh air with your students using MPM’s Fresh Air Bingo! Play along by looking for plants and animals, and use the questions to help your students look closer and explore more. Bring magnifying glasses for a closer look! 


Web of Life

The natural world is wonderfully complex and interconnected. Use our guide to help your students learn more about different ways plants and animals interact with each other, and then have them fill in this activity to examine the connections in their own local ecosystem.


Visit the Rainforest Virtually

Using 360 Virtual Exhibit Tours, visit the exhibit online.


Botany Collections

Plants are a big part of many ecosystems! Learn about MPM's Botany Collection.

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