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mpm teal logoThe Milwaukee Public Museum (MPM) is the most-visited museum in Wisconsin. On an annual basis, MPM attracts visitors from every county in Wisconsin, nearly every state in the U.S., and many countries around the world. Though the Museum is one of Wisconsin’s most treasured cultural assets, it is hindered significantly by the shortcomings of its current building, which has significant maintenance issues that threaten the Museum’s collections and accreditation. As a result, MPM leadership, in conjunction with its partners and supporters, is reimagining MPM and exploring a vision for a new building.

As the home of the greatest collection of natural and cultural history objects in the state of Wisconsin, MPM has the duty and responsibility to maintain this history for our state and its residents. We are optimistically creating a vision for a future facility that will safeguard and celebrate this history for generations to come.

The future Museum will be the fifth home of MPM and will continue and build upon the Museum’s 137 years of welcoming and inspiring visitors from across the globe. Though we are early in the process, we are committed to ensuring our new home will combine the spirit and wonder of our current home, while providing our visitors with fresh exhibits and new technology that reflect cutting-edge research and scientific understanding.

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