MPM Summer Connections

Summer Connections


Welcome to Milwaukee Public Museum’s 2022 Summer Connections Program!

The mission of the Milwaukee Public Museum is to inspire curiosity, excite minds, and increase desire to preserve and protect our world’s natural and cultural diversity. The goal of Summer Connections is to connect our community with our mission, connect youth with their natural world, and connect families through learning.

Summer Connections @ MPM is a three-part program, which includes:

  1. An MPM outreach program at your site
  2. A field trip with admission to Summer Connections Day at MPM
  3. A one-year Family Membership to return to MPM as often as you would like!

To learn more about the Summer Connections program, please contact Erin Goff, Public Programs Coordinator at

On this page, you'll find links to additional resources and materials to extend your Summer Connections experience.

Insect Observation

Observe, record, and draw a picture of an insect.


Carnivore or Herbivore Game

Learn how to tell the difference between carnivore and herbivore dinosaurs with this game.


Nature Haiku

Observe, record, and write a short haiku poem of nature you see from your doorstep.


Wings of a Butterfly

Learn about butterfly coloration and design your own butterfly wings.


BioBlitz in Your Backyard

Conduct a species count in your own backyard.


Fresh-Air Bingo

Get out into the fresh air and see how many times you can get bingo.


Wisconsin Leaf Art

Learn about Wisconsin trees and one way to preserve leaves through art.