North American Indians: Virtual Programs & Digital Resources

Our virtual resources provide teachers and students with the opportunity to enrich their perspectives on many of the traditions, material culture, and belief systems of various North American Indian tribes.

Video Resources
Compare & Contrast Tour 

In this series of five videos, we’ll discuss the resources Native Americans used to survive in their environments. Resources are things that are available for someone to use in daily life. Native Americans in different parts of the country had different resources available to them, which meant each region developed different customs, lifeways, and homes in which to survive in their respective climates.

Hopi (Southwest) 
Kwakiutl (Northwest Coast)
Blackfoot (Plains)
Menominee (Wisconsin)

MPM's Powwow Exhibit

Learn how the Indian Country powwow exhibit was created.


Digital Resources
MPM’s Wisconsin Indian Resource Project 

These pages were designed primarily to assist teachers in meeting the requirements of Wisconsin Educational Act 31, which mandates K-12 instruction in culture, history, sovereignty, and treaty rights of Wisconsin Indian tribes.

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Native American Teacher Curriculum Guide

This guide serves as a comprehensive resource for the Museum’s Native American galleries. The guide includes historical background on America’s native people (both pre- and post-contact), the archaeology and history of Native Americans in Wisconsin, and in-depth profiles of several of our renowned exhibits including the Bison Hunt diorama, Powwow, Kwakiutl Plank House, the Menomonee Rice Gathering scene, and the Hopi Village.


Visit A Tribute to Survival Virtually

Using 360 Virtual Exhibit Tours, visit the exhibit online.


Anthropology Collections

Learn about MPM's Anthropology Collection.

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