Ancient Civilizations: Virtual Programs & Digital Resources

The Milwaukee Public Museum’s ancient civilization collections and research resources include 60,000 objects from cultures around the globe.

These cultures include Sumeria, Rome, Egypt, Greece, and Aztalan, one of Wisconsin’s most important and extensive archaeological sites. Our virtual education resources are designed to support teachers and students in exploring many of these ancient civilizations in order to deepen their understanding and appreciation of different cultural beliefs and practices.

Live Programs and Outreach

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Video Resources
Artifact vs. Specimen

This short program introduces viewers to the differences between artifacts and natural specimens as a way to better understand objects on exhibit at MPM, those catalogued and cared for by our scientists, scholars, and other curatorial staff.

Mummy Wrap

This video guides viewers through the step-by-step process of ancient Egyptian mummification, introduces viewers to the ancient Egyptian belief system, and connects viewers to the related collections in MPM’s Crossroads of Civilization gallery.  


Digital Resources
Mummification Quiz 

Take this quiz to test your knowledge of ancient Egyptian beliefs and mummification, then read the answers and explanations to learn more.    


Mummification Explained

Use our easy, illustrated guide to explore the tools, materials, and beliefs of ancient Egyptian mummification.  


Crossroads of Civilization Curriculum Guide

The Crossroads of Civilization teacher curriculum guide outlines the prominent features of the Museum’s ancient civilizations gallery, highlighting the six themes that provide the foundation of all civilizations: construction, communion, community, commerce, communication, and conflict. The guide includes a gallery map, vocabulary list, background on prominent historical figures of the ancient Near East and Mediterranean, and a profile of the Museum’s two Egyptian mummies.


Visit Crossroads of Civilizations Virtually

Using 360 Virtual Exhibit Tours, visit the exhibit online.


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