Butterflies & Insects: Virtual Programs & Digital Resources

Butterflies and insects are not only beautiful and interesting, but they are incredibly important!

Our virtual insect and butterfly resources assist students and their teachers in exploring the way many insects contribute to the well being of humans, animals, plants, and the planet itself.

Live Programs and Outreach

Book our MPM on the Move live-streamed or remote Beautiful World of Butterflies program for your class!

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Video Resources
Insects and Arachnids

Ever wonder what makes an insect unique or an arachnid special? Join us to learn how different these arthropod cousins really are!

Waterproof Butterflies

Butterfly wings aren’t just beautiful, they’re essential, too! Join us to find out how wings help butterflies to survive on rainy days.


Digital Resources
Insect Observations

Arthropods and insects are amazing survivors and an important part of our local ecosystem. Learn more about what makes these critters so unique and interesting, and then head outside, or view photos of insects, to make your own scientific insect observations.     


Insects vs. Arachnids

In this activity, students will draw their own insects and arachnids, and then make observations to discover how these arthropods are similar and different.


Wings of a Butterfly

What makes butterfly wings so special? Students will learn important natural history concepts like symmetry, camouflage, warning colors, and mimicry, and then demonstrate their understanding by designing their own butterfly wings.


Visit the Butterfly Vivarium and Bugs Alive! Virtually

Using our 360 Tours, visit the exhibits on MPM's First Floor.


Invertebrate Zoology Collection

Learn more about the almost 800,000 specimens in our Invertebrate Collection.

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